Kaluari: Defense in Depth

Kaluari prides itself in promoting cyber resilience by offering solutions and services that protect and prepare organizations to deal with external threats, internal threats, and any kind of disaster that would lead to loss of critical systems or data.

We provide a full range of solutions that ensure businesses continue to serve customers, staff, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders regardless of any cybersecurity challenges they may face.

Cyber resilience can be thought of as digital fitness. It’s the ability to keep your business, data, and devices online no matter what threats come your way. More than a single defense against a single threat, it entails end-to-end protection against cyber threats and data loss.

Kaluari Solutions & Services

Gateway Security & Endpoint Protection

We offer solutions to help you protect your business from direct threats such as hackers/cybercriminals attempting to gain access to your networks systems.

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Cloud Backup as a Service

Kaluari Cloud Backup as a Service allows you to back up files, data, applications, databases or a complete system - at any time – to a secure, offsite cloud storage. In the event of a disaster, you can recover any of these easily and quickly anywhere where you have an internet connection.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Kaluari disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) replicates entire systems – physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, laptops, etc. (including the applications and data in them) onto Kaluari cloud to ensure you can resume your business operations easily and quickly after a disaster.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness training for staff/personnel - we offer training to prepare personnel/staff to know how to deal with cyber attacks. This could be online threats and email threats including phishing, spoofing, ransomware, BEC/EAC, etc.

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Cloud Email Hosting, Email Security & Email Archiving

We also offer solutions that will help you block threats that may come via email.

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Managed Server Hosting

Kaluari leases/rents out dedicated servers to your business and manages these systems on your behalf. This includes associated storage, network hardware, operating systems and applications necessary.

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Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support is when you contract your business’s Information Technology (IT) to a third-party service provider – sometimes referred to as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) - to provide expert IT support while proactively and strategically managing your IT infrastructure – at an agreed fee.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software or solution (sometimes referred to as MDM client or MDM server) is a technology that allows IT administrators to securely monitor, manage and secure corporate or personally-owned mobile devices used for business communication or operations.

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