Kaluari Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Kaluari disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) replicates entire systems – physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, laptops, etc. (including the applications and data in them) onto Kaluari cloud to ensure you can resume your business operations easily and quickly after a disaster.

Disaster Recovery gives you peace of mind

In today’s digital world, businesses, more than ever, face a growing need for systems-uptime. Customers, suppliers, business partners and regulators expect and demand it.

Long periods of system downtime is no longer just a minor embarrassment. It has the potential to significantly damage your brand reputation and translate directly to lost revenue.

Kaluari Disaster Recovery as a Service makes this a thing of the past.

Why Disaster Recovery as a Service is Important for Organizations

Disaster recovery for many organizations is limited to re-installing operating systems and applications on bare metal servers/systems and then transferring data from the last backup copy. This is a labor-intensive exercise that can result in long recovery times in the event of a disaster. When disaster strikes, every minute your employees are without data could be costing your business resources, money - and clients! So when you need to restore data from a backup, a quick data recovery solution is essential to getting up and running again as soon as possible.

Particularly for critical systems, there is no need to have high Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) or unknown RTOs. Businesses need to prioritize backing up entire systems - the operating system, applications and data. In this way, in case of failure, there can be a failover on the cloud, and users can work from there as the local system is rebuilt.

How Kaluari DRaaS Works

How Kaluari DRaaS Works

Kaluari DRaaS works by setting up a virtual environment in the cloud that mimics your company’s primary IT infrastructure by replicating the targeted system in its entirety, i.e., operating system, applications, databases and the data files held therein. We use our own resources (hardware, data centers) to create a complete recovery infrastructure for your business.

How Kaluari DRaaS Works

Replicating to Kaluari Cloud is a simple process. An agent is installed on your server/ virtual machine/ PC/ desktop/ other mobile device, or it can be run as agentless. It is configured to replicate the entire system/ server or other device and then push it to Kaluari Cloud. This data is encrypted in transit and at rest in the Kaluari cloud.

In the event of a disruptive event at your primary office location, Kaluari cloud failover lets you/your users access and use your systems (physical servers, Windows, Linux, or virtual servers) directly from your replicas in the cloud. The usual access by users is automatically shifted to this remote DR site.

DRaaS Servers setup

In contrast to BaaS, you will not need to reconstruct systems, applications and data on bare metal to resume your business operations. Recovering business operations that used to take hours (or even days) now take only minutes.

Our Kaluari team will oversee the failover process, ensuring smooth transitioning of users from the primary environment to the cloud-hosted environment with minimal or no downtime.

The DRaaS operation remains in effect until your primary IT infrastructure is restored and your local IT infrastructure returns to a proper working state. Your users and processing are then automatically failed back to your primary environment.

Kaluari will oversee the failback tasks, assisting your users to resume normal access to systems in your original infrastructure.

Benefits & Features of Kaluari DRaaS

Complete System/Virtual Machine replicas

Kaluari DRaaS enables you to protect your business with complete and reliable backup images of entire systems – not just select files or folders. This includes virtual machines. With Kaluari DRaaS, you can perform a VM backup as easily as you can with a physical machine. Kaluari DRaaS supports the six leading hypervisor platforms and migrations between virtual and physical environments (i.e., P2V, V2V, V2P, P2P).

Extensive compatibility

Kaluari DRaaS works with all major operating systems – Windows, Linux, iOS, Android - and popular applications like ERPs, Oracle, SAP, databases, MSSQL, MySQL, MS Exchange server, Outlook, etc.

Allows recovery to bare-metal

Kaluari DRaaS helps your business reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) considerably with bare-metal recoveries. You can boost your recovery time using a complete system image that’s ready for reinstallation. Our bare-metal recovery technology also lets you restore systems to dissimilar hardware.

No duplicate IT infrastructure capital costs

No additional hardware or infrastructure is required. Kaluari DRaaS is an affordable subscription-based service.


Kaluari’s easy-to-use backup administrative console, including remote deployment tools and an intuitive web-based console and automated reporting means you can run all of your backup tasks with almost no training.

Automated cloud backups

Once your backup schedule is set, you will not need to initiate the backups to run. Your backups begin and end automatically. Any failed backups will automatically restart.

Low RTOs and Low RPOs

We have low Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and allow you to set low Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), giving businesses confidence that their data will be available in the event of a disaster.

Monitoring, reporting & alerting

We monitor your backups every day and report on the completion, status and health of your backup sets. We detail any errors per individual backup set and proactively resolve any individual issues.

Secure and reliable service

Kaluari has data centers in multiple geographical locations to guarantee the highest level of availability. We will keep more than one mirror image copy to ensure that your systems and data will always be available in the event of a disaster.

Our data centers have 24*7 onsite monitoring; physical security including biometric identification mechanisms as well as redundant cooling and fire suppression systems.

Encryption in storage and in transit

We use industry-leading encryption and security practices to ensure your data is secure in transit and at rest in our data centers.

Also, in the period of failover, we ensure that your traffic is encrypted not only at the server level but also in transit to protect it from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Easy to scale up or down

Your disaster recovery solution in Kaluari cloud can be scaled up or down as your business dynamics change. You will only be charged for the resources you use.

DRaaS is also an easy way to add DR capacity. For large organizations that already have a DR solution for their critical business systems, Kaluari DRaaS can be an easy way to ensure that even the new or less important systems also have DR coverage.

24/7 support

Expert support whenever you need it. We support you during restoration drills (if needed) and also to ensure quick and error-free failover and failback processes.

Engineers committed to excellence

Kaluari engineers are invested in protecting your critical systems. Kaluari engineers will do whatever it takes to keep your systems running perfectly.

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