Cloud email hosting, email security & email archiving

Kaluari offers solid, secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud-based solutions for email hosting, team collaboration, email security and email archiving. Our solutions include:

MailSafi email and collaboration (a cloud email solution that comes with MailSafi’s full suite of email security services)

MailSafi email security (filtering of all emails destined for your business from spam, viruses, malware as well as protection from spoofing, phishing, ransomware and other advanced threats)

MailSafi email archiving service. MailSafi Email Archiving is a cloud-based solution that is designed to ensure email continuity, email data protection and compliance for businesses. It simplifies email backup by providing businesses with an easy-to-use email archiving platform that automatically archives inbound and outbound emails before reaching any mailbox. Emails are archived for a minimum of 7 years. Read more about the 15 benefits of email archiving.

We are also a Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) reseller. Contact us for competitive Microsoft 365 rates if you're looking to move to Microsoft 365 or to renew your existing service.

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