Kaluari Cloud Backup as a Service

Quick and Easy Backup and Data Recovery

Kaluari Cloud Backup as a Service allows you to back up files, data, applications, databases or a complete system - at any time – to a secure, offsite cloud storage. In the event of a disaster, you can recover any of these easily and quickly anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Kaluari Cloud Backup as a Service

Infrastructure-free, secure, reliable, easy-to-manage cloud backup for business.

Many organizations lose their data because they do not backup at all, and even those who do may not do it regularly as they find doing so too time-consuming and cumbersome. Others report that it is expensive or infrastructure is too technical, and they lack in-house expertise. Unfortunately, losing data or systems failing (even critical ones!) will happen at one time or the other - it’s inevitable.

The risk of data loss is no longer just about hardware failure and human error. Businesses now have to deal with the growing cyber threats (phishing attacks, ransomware, etc) that increase the risk of loss of data or systems. Failure to backup business systems and data can have crippling effects on service delivery, brand reputation, revenue generation, talent retention, etc. It puts the operational efficiency and business continuity of businesses at risk as tens or thousands of people may be relying on your data – clients, suppliers, staff, and other business associates. In today’s business world, where so many businesses are heavily reliant on IT, losing critical systems or essential data can bring even the oldest or largest company to its knees.

Kaluari Backup as a Service (BaaS) is easy-to manage, secure, cost-effective, and you do not need to purchase any additional hardware or infrastructure for this service to work for your business. Backing up your data and systems in Kaluari’s enterprise-grade cloud will give you peace of mind and free you up to focus on your core business needs.

Kaluari Backup as a Service (BaaS) keeps you operational, whatever happens. We help businesses stay on track even when disaster strikes by helping you recover your systems and/or data quickly.

What Kaluari Backs up

• Files and folders in desktop computers/PCs, laptops, servers.

• Emails on local email clients such as .pst files.

• Media (photos, video, audio, graphics).

• External hard drives, NAS devices.

• Financial and accounting files (QuickBooks, SAP, Quicken, Sage, POS, etc.).

• Databases and applications (MS SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, MySQL Server, Oracle

Server, etc.).

• Entire physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, laptops or other mobile device

How Kaluari BaaS Works

Backing up to Kaluari Cloud is a simple process.

• An agent is installed on your server/ virtual machine/ PC/ desktop/ other mobile device,

or it can be run as agentless.

• It is configured to copy data from your device or copy an entire system/ server or other device and then push it to Kaluari Cloud.

• This data is encrypted in transit and at rest in Kaluari data centers.

By running in the cloud, you avoid adding complexity to your existing IT infrastructure as well as a complex setup and execution experience. All you need to do is connect to the Kaluari management console to manage your backup.

Kaluari BaaS Benefits & Features

No capital costs

No additional hardware or infrastructure is required - just an affordable subscription-based service. Charges are based on the amount of storage space your backups will consume.

Easy to manage

Kaluari’s easy-to-use backup administrative console, including remote deployment tools, an intuitive web-based console and automated reporting, means you can run all of your backup tasks with almost no training.

Recovery from anywhere

Because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it via the backup console anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an internet connection. It is web-based.

Automated cloud backups

Once your backup schedule is set, you will not need to initiate the backups to run. Your backups begin and end automatically. Any failed backups will automatically restart.

Monitoring, reporting & alerting

We monitor your backups every day and report on the completion, status and health of your backup sets. We detail any errors per individual backup set and proactively resolve any individual issues.

Secure and reliable service

Kaluari has data centers in multiple geographical locations to guarantee the highest level of availability. Our data centers have 24*7 onsite monitoring; physical security, including biometric identification mechanisms as well as redundant cooling and fire suppression systems. We use industry-leading encryption and security practices to ensure your data is secure in transit and at rest in our data centers.

24/7 support

Expert support whenever you need it. We support you during restoration drills (if needed) and during data recovery.

Engineers committed to excellence

Kaluari engineers are invested in protecting your critical systems. Kaluari engineers will do whatever it takes to keep your systems running perfectly.

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