Add text messaging to your mobile or web application to effectively communicate with your users, clients, prospects whenever you need to. Our Bulk SMS API gives you a reliable connection as you build a service that can send messages to many phone numbers instantly.

Kaluari Bulk SMS


Our Bulk SMS gateways ensure that you can reach your customers instantly with a quick and simple integration. This means that you can send relevant, targeted messages to a large group with only one API request. Brand your messages with your company or service name by using a Sender ID. This is an alphanumeric code that gives your users confidence on the source of the message while at the same time promoting brand visibility.


Information dissemination:

  • To pass information to a large group of people such as parents in schools to disseminate results, school holiday dates, invitation to events, etc.
  • Church congregants
  • Sacco members
  • Chama members
  • Company shareholders
  • Employees
  • College and university students
  • Bank account holders
  • Delivery of campaign messages
  • Supermarket advertisements and so on

Notification services: Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your clients when important events are generated. Sample scenarios include financial transactions, reminders or sharing updates with your users.

Two-factor authentication: Secure your mobile and web applications by sending SMS based authentication tokens. This has proved to be a useful and vital tool for verifying users of your service.

Customer engagement platforms: Businesses see Bulk SMS as the quickest way to start engaging with their customers. Our APIs make it very easy to build a scalable platform that can be used to provided businesses an easy way to get started on mass text communication.


Pay-as-you-go: Only top up your account with what you want to use. There are no plans or minimum requirements

Non-expiry: Once purchased, your SMS messages remain valid until you send them out to your users.

Delivery reports: We process and share delivery notifications that to your applications for all SMS messages sent using our APIs

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Businesses

Bulk SMS is a cheap, direct and effective communication channel for businesses today and an incredible way to engage customers via mobile technology.

Statistics show that consumers are spending over five hours a day on their mobile devices.

Additionally, by 2014, there were more mobile devices in the world than there were people, and it is safe to say that today, that number has significantly increased.

Since most people have their phones within arm’s reach throughout the day, sending bulk SMS is one of the fastest ways to reach your clients or potential clients. Furthermore, research indicates that 90% of people open their text messages within 3 minutes of receiving them making bulk SMS perhaps the best and most reliable way to deliver time-sensitive messages.

It would therefore be amiss for any business that wants to excel in its field to not to jump at the opportunity of this increasing its market share through bulk SMS marketing.

Main Advantages Of Bulk SMS

1. Bulk SMS services allow you to schedule SMS messages to be sent out at a later date. This is a great way to manage your time efficiently. Time is money and SMS marketing helps businesses save a lot of time.

2. Intergration with marketing campaigns: One major benefit of Bulk text messaging is the potential it has when it is integrated into marketing campaigns. Social and traditional media are not the most effective strategies to reach your customers on time. Incorporating SMS with other marketing methods and reach your target audience on time ensuring that they know what you are offering.

3. Bulk SMS service allows you to send multiple SMS in one click. This saves on time on bulk messaging.

4. When communicating to existing clientele, you can also send advertisements as part of the SMS, increasing your opportunity to upsell. This promotes efficiency in marketing.

5. Cheaper, Faster & Instant Results: It saves on cost in sending sms to many people at a go at very fast rates and at very high success rate. Actually, it’s a very cost effective communication mode.

6. Because of the efficiency it brings, bulk SMS promotes fast sales hence increased business sales.

Why Choose Kaluari Bulk SMS Service

1. Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface.

2. Competitive and affordable pricing.

3. The service is easy to operate. No special skills and knowledge are needed. Also, it can be used any time – on demand – no waiting time.

4. Kaluari Bulk SMS service allows instant delivery of messages.

5. Can send up to 10,000 SMS at once.

6. Delivery reports are available.

7. Bulk SMS messages can be stored, forwarded or tracked using delivery reports.

8. Secure technology to ensure confidentiality is maintained in delivery.

9. 24 x 7 support.

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