Kaluari’s Outsourced IT Support Services

To build a versatile and resilient in-house IT team takes time, patience and often significant capital outlay and operational expense. Businesses must understand the precise skillsets they require so as to build an effective team for now as well as for the future. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to predict even for the most forward-thinking business leaders.

Kaluari’s best interest lies in helping your organization grow and thrive in IT functions because our success lies in helping you become successful!

Kaluari seeks to partner with businesses and professionals to offer customized IT support services that are cost-effective and scalable, empowering businesses to grow. These can be offered either in business environments with no dedicated IT personnel or in conjunction with in-house IT teams as a way of supplementing internal capabilities with our broad ranging IT expertise.

Our expertise includes email hosting, email security and cyber security, backup and disaster recovery, firewalls, antivirus, network and network security, and many more. By outsourcing some of your IT support requirements to Kaluari, you can focus on your core business and let your IT environment be supported by an entity whose expertise lies in IT.

How Kaluari’s Outsourced IT Service Works

Our services are flexible, ranging from full-time personnel stationed at your offices, or personnel at your offices only a certain number of visits per month, or you can also opt for strictly remote support.

We work with you to understand your business and IT environment, requirements and budget, and then customize an IT support plan that will be most efficient and effective for your business.

Onsite engineers will provide necessary technical support and assistance to ensure all IT-related equipment in scope operates as required. This covers PCs, laptops, tablets, servers, printers, scanners and any other items agreed upon as part of our outsourced IT support agreement with you.

Configuration of new devices or changing configurations on request from the client will be done as required. Remote support is offered during working hours with options for longer coverage up to 24-hour support, where necessary.

Benefits of Outsourcing your IT Support to Kaluari

Benefits of Outsourcing your IT Support to Kaluari

• We implement a ticketing system for accountability and to keep track of your reported IT issues or any ongoing projects we are working on for you

• Our SLAs will outline response times and penalties if these are not achieved.

• Access to our support team via phone, email and chat 24 * 7

• Remote Access to your devices for faster troubleshooting. This means we can also cover your employees who are working from home, giving you remote support to multiple different locations.

• Access to our IT experts for trustworthy advice. By partnering with Kaluari, a trustworthy technical support and IT services partner, you can gain a powerful and knowledgeable ally to help you formulate and implement your ICT strategy. By building a professional relationship with your IT services partner, you will be able to draw from the benefit of experience from a company that has seen the experience of other similar organizations.

• On-demand access to a wide pool of IT expertise in firewalls, antivirus solutions, cyber security, email hosting, email security, email archiving, network device management, Office 365, Google G Suite, data backup and disaster recovery, etc. As such, you will always find someone to help, whether it’s with a quick fix or a more long-term project.

• Resource optimization: If you have already hired full-time IT personnel for other tasks in your business (for instance, website or application development), you don’t want to waste their talent spending time in IT support. By outsourcing to us, you can optimize your human resources, freeing them up to do what they’re best at.

• Versatility: An in-house IT team runs the risk of becoming pigeonholed in their own bubble, failing to adapt to match shifting business needs that are often necessitated by both internal and external changes.

Our Fees

Our IT support service rates based on a number of factors such as number of users, number of devices and services that you run and level of support, typically charged at a fixed rate per month.

For user support, we charge a fixed fee per user per month. Should you wish to have full-time personnel deployed on site, this will be costed out separately depending on job description of the IT staff.

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